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Vision's Inventecc had finally been the compatible standard for CISCO, Juniper, Sagem, etc. network euquipment in interfces as our new product line the INVENTECC "STAR SWITCH SERIES" deliver 400 Gigabit/s Ethernet as Layer2/3 router, BPG4 network redundancy solution, enhanced campus or operator grade and even own operating system with currently our standard user interface and stack where we are soon releasing a adapter tp adopt CISCO's operation system in commands and shell, even looking like CISCO and having the same commands, but being our most affordable switch-solutions by Vision's INVENTECC having anything you want at affordable price since we have our own CE - Cerffied factory in INGOLSTADT / GERMANY and TAIWAN as best quality worldwide at the lowest of afforable rates in that business of networkign globally on the market as majority in switching.  

Die Switche der STAR serie von INVENTECC sind wie folgt strukturiert als produkt-portfolio


Zu jedem Switch-Typ gibt es ein PDF File als Download und eine Übersicht als Gesamtbild.


Die Switche sind alle vollstens CISCO, JUNIPER, Alcatle, etc. kompativel und tragen das Zeichen "IBM INTERREADY!" als ein von INVENTECC lizenziertes Qualitätssiegel "INTERREADY" um die besondere Zusammenarbeit und Garantie der Leistungsfähigkeit im Einsatz von proprietär kompatibeler Netzstruktur zu unterstreichen, bzw. im Einsatz bei Konstruktionsbüros und Architekten, sowie Ingenieursbüros wobei hierbei Ingenieurbüros dessen Ingenieurs-Werkzeuge von IBM kommen wie IBM AIX/RS6000 Netzwerke und mit IBM Catia V5 arbeiten im Test weltweit die Inventecc STAR Serie als einzige Serie betont kompatibel bezeichnet wurde und allerings weltweit preislich der günstigstens Kategorie angehört aufgrund der besonders minimalistischen Technik in der Betriebsqualität, kann jedoch ab Fertigstellung der Ersten Auslieferung unserer Switche der sofortige Einsatz in jedem CAD Konstruktionsbüro garantiert und zertifiziert werden, sowie im Rahmen unserer CARE Pakete sogar die Ausfallsicherheit jeglicher Art durch eine zusätzliche Versicherung erfolgen, welche vom Schaden vom entgangenen Gewinn als Kosten bis zum Feuerschaden alles abdeckt und als Paket zusammen mit der neuen Infrastruktur angeboten und verkauft wird. Da bisher der Standard max. 1 Gigabit/s innerhalb eines Firmennetzwerks zertifiziert wurde weltweit als schnellste Netzwerkverbindung ist unsere STAR SERIE die als kleinste Stufe 1 Gigabit/s schnell ist das leistungsfähigste zukunftssicheste Netzwerkgerät für eine langfristige Ausbaugarantie innerhalb Ihres Firmennetzwerks und EDV.












Product Overview


The Inventec D6432 is a high-performance network switching device supporting up to 32 x 400GbE, or 64 x 200GbE, or 128 x 100GbE switch ports. It is designed to address performance, capacity and service requirements for next-generation data center and cloud computing environments. The switch hardware provides the high availability features required for data center operation, including redundant, hot-swappable PSU; fan with 5+1 redundant fan modules; and front-to-rear or rear-to-front airflow options.
The D6432 offers a new unique benefit for runtime programmability that allows high-level protocols, forwarding behavior, telemetry frameworks and other function to be updated while the switch is in operation, with no down time, and no dropped packets.
This open network switch is loaded with the Open Network Install Environment (ONIE), which supports the installation of compatible Network Operating System software.


Product Highlights

• Cost-effective, bare-metal switch infrastructure for data center fabric
• 32 x QSFP-DD switch ports, each supporting 1 x 400 GbE or 1 x 100 GbE, or via breakout cables 4 x 100 GbE or 4 x 25 GbE.
• Incorporates Broadcom Trident 4 switch series silicon for non-blocking line rate performance
• High-performance Intel Broadwell-DE series Processor CPU
• 1 RU form factor
• Supports front-to-rear and rear-to-front airflow SKUs
• All ports on front; PSUs and fans accessible from rear
• 1+1 hot-swappable, load-sharing, redundant PSUs
• 5+1 redundant, hot-swappable fan modules
• Management: Ethernet and console RJ-45 ports; USB storage port
• Flexibility to implement advanced network functionality such as DDoS protection, application load balancing, and large-scale NAT
• Advanced instrumentation including programmable in-band and streaming telemetry
• Bare-metal hardware switch pre-loaded with diagnostics software and with Open Network Install Environment (ONIE) for automated loading of compatible open source and commercial NOS
• Compatible with Open Network Linux (ONL), the open-source, OCP reference
• Compatible with SONiC open source network software



Der beste SWITCH für die Telekommuniations-Industrie und Große Datencenter mit größtem Backplane Backbone:





















Product Overview

The Inventec D7332 is a high-performance network switching device supporting up to 32 x 400GbE, or 64 x 200GbE, or 128 x 100GbE switch ports. It is designed to address performance, capacity and service requirements for next-generation data center and cloud computing environments.

As server interfaces transition to higher Ethernet speeds and virtualization continues to increase link utilization, data center networks are demanding switches with 100GbE and 400GbE connectivity at the edge and aggregation layers.
The D7332 provides scalable, cost effective aggregation, spine and leaf switching for the data center.

The SDN Switch supports line rate L2/L3 forwarding, network virtualization, QoS and zero touch provisioning.

The D7332 offers customers a compelling choice between a high-performance Quad core x86 or a very powerful Octal Core x86 CPUs based on functional and operational requirements.

Support for Open Network Ecosystems

The Inventec D7332 is an open switch that supports multiple Network Operating Systems (NOS). Today the switch ships as bare metal but can be integrated with Inventec INOS based on ICOS or SONiC. It can also be integrated with a third party NOS. The switch is SDN enabled. Full ONIE support assures network operators of seamless integration into today’s open network environments.

High Performance, Scalable and Flexible

The Inventec D7332 is a high performance switch allowing wire rate of 8B packets per second with a low cut- through mode latency, 132 MB on-chip buffer memory and dynamic buffer management. The switch offers scalability by supporting choice of high end X86 control processor with up to 32 GB of fast DDR4 memory. With a PHY less design, the switch offers low cut through latency.

The switch is flexible and supports different cabling option as per customer needs. AOC (Active Optical Cabling) and pluggable transceiver optics of different length of fiber connections are supported. The port use is also flexible. Each 400GbE port can be used as 4x100 GbE, or 2x200 GbE.

The allocated space within the forwarding table is also flexible and can accommodate varying sizes of MAC addresses, Layer 3 host routes and Longest Prefix Match table entries.

Agile, Programmable and Supports Analytics

The switch is programmable and supports RESTful API interface. It allows for automatic provisioning and configuration with Puppet, Chef. Zero touch provisioning is also available. With orchestration tool integration, the switch enables automation and provisioning of L2 and L3 services in the data center. Lots of valuable analytics can be obtained from the switch by using Agent based or In-band Network Telemetry.

Rich Feature Set

The switch has a rich L2/L3 feature set to address the increase in datacenter network deployments and distributed computing applications. For cloud networking, it includes large L2/L3 switching & forwarding capacity and supports numerous multi- pathing and tunneling technologies and datacenter features like ECMP, VxLAN and NVGRE.
These overlays allow for network agility since the network operators do not have to modify the physical switch devices in case a user VM moves from one rack to another within the datacenter.

Secure, Available and Reliable Design

The switch supports Trusted Platform Module (TPM) with Secure Boot. TPM allows integrity of the switch platform. Along with Secure boot, it allows a chain of trust from power ON till the OS is up and running. The switch is datacenter optimized with power and fan redundancy. It has a backup SPI boot flash that will activate for boot recovery if primary flash is corrupted. Also, with a PHY less switch, the overall MTBF increases with less number of hardware components.

In Summary

Overall performance, feature-richness, high availability, programmability, port-density, and line-rate switching capability makes the D7332 an excellent choice for next generation large and medium sized datacenters. This also makes the D7332 well suited for use as a campus switch in the Enterprise.



• Broadcom BCM56980 Tomahawk3 advance programmable ASIC
• 8B Packets Per Seconds line rate 12.8 Terabits per Second Throughput
• Line Rate L2/L3 Forwarding
• Integrated high-performance 132MB SmartBuffer memory for maximum burst absorption and service guarantees
• 32x400 GbE QSFP-DD


• 8K MAC Entries (HW Capable)
• 16K L3 IPv4 Hosts
• 8K L3 IPv6 Hosts
• 32K Mroutes
• 512 L3 Multicast groups
• 4K VLANs

High Availability

• 1 + 1 Hot-Swappable & Redundant Power Supply
• 2 x SPI Flash Supports Boot Recovery
• 5 + 1 Hot-Swappable & Redundant Fans
• 802.3ad Link Aggregation/LACP
• 4096 ECMP groups
• 4k max members per group

Control Plane

• CPU Options
 - 2.0 GHz x86 Octal-Core
   › 8GB to 16GB DDR4
 - 2.2 GHz x 86 Quad-Core
   › 8 GB DDR4
 - 1.6 GHz x86 Quad-Core
   › 8 GB DDR4
• 16 MB SPI Boot Flash with backup

Flexible Storage

• 8-128 GB SSD for Mass Storage
• 1x USB Port for External Storage

Programmability and Software Support

• Inventec INOS
• Chef and Puppet Client Integration
• Zero Touch Provisioning
• Bash Shell (also die SHELL Oberfläche bauen wir als STACK noch als eigene Erfindung und dass wir der EINZIGE Hersteller sind, der jeden unserer Geräte konfigurieren uns steuern lässt wie z.B. CISCO oder eben ein anderes Gerät aber schwören persönlich auf SNMP und bieten ein speziellen Tool an eben als Abfragesystem mit LOGO und Funktionalität eben SNMP zu benutzen).








Unsere Provisioning und Accounting Systeme basieren auf SNMP und dazu noch Auswertung der SYSLOG Daten, sowie NetLog Servern und werden mit Hilfe von MRTG Tools live überwachbar auch dargestellt und im Management System intergriert...



22 Terrabit/s!



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