Inventecc International

World Fastest Switches in Networking
Vision's Inventecc had finally been the compatible standard for CISCO, Juniper, Sagem, etc. network euquipment in interfces as our new product line the INVENTECC "STAR SWITCH SERIES" deliver 400 Gigabit/s Ethernet as Layer2/3 router, BPG4 network redundancy solution, enhanced campus or operator grade and even own operating system with currently our standard user interface and stack where we are soon releasing a adapter tp adopt CISCO's operation system in commands and shell, even looking like CISCO and having the same commands, but being our most affordable switch-solutions by Vision's INVENTECC having anything you want at affordable price since we have our own CE - Cerffied factory in INGOLSTADT / GERMANY and TAIWAN as best quality worldwide at the lowest of afforable rates in that business of networkign globally on the market as majority in switching.  


Andreas Zauner

Barlachstrasse 16

85053 Ingolstadt


Eigentümer der Fabriken von INVENTECC und dazu Rechteinhaber der INVENTECC STAR LINE als professionelle Router und Switche mit BGP4 als Infrastruktur zur Anbindung von mehreren Internet-Standleitungen.